Tuesday, 18 August 2009


There are thresholds that we pass through. But only by changing. By somehow
Refining or thickening. The passage is a contact. An adhering to the walls which are not set but are plastic. We mould together like marble. The moment before it sets, a slow stream that patterns itself anew at each instance yet appears the same. A gateway. A crux in our on-going life. Place of interchange.

These thresholds are when one mode of aperception gives way to another. There is a melding – until every parameter in one mode finds its equivalence in another. What is smelt is felt. A tenacious weight becomes a vision. The sequential numbers of things stretched out upon a landscape are spun into music. Music is sent back through the body into dance. We are the conductors of this interchange. We hold apart and together these differences which at heightened points of interchange come together as one and pass out again so that the one becomes the other. There is a narrowing of focus. An intensity of purpose, then an emergent flourishing as a trigger response to this. Almost an automatic catapult out from the frame of our holding.

Our attentive and puposive care to the threshold represents our human value system in life. This holding space is our community endeavour. It is a dwelling-ground. A place of change. A restful suspension of all flux before the jolt, into a new mode.

These thresholds as actual places are our on-going attachment to this world.
Our home-making in relation to others. They are the basis, that at the moment of interchange, are flung out as images, representations, symbols of the thresholds we pass through. They are rooted so deep that they carry us across the “before” and “after” of this cataclysm. They are the bridge. Based in material matter they break through into our human value system. This interchange between ground and sky is the energiser in the transformation needed at any threshold.

The fast spin of these opposites of up/down, left/right realises the moving dynamic of any system of living renewal; The human body, the changing seasons, the orbital pull of contraction and expansion, our own breathing vitality. It is a pilot light to the lived-in experience. A kick-start as opposites merge, translate and start up again, enlivened by one another.

The centre is still. It spins until an outer periphery is drawn. As the speed changes, this periphery breaks apart at certain intervals. Here, exchange with a wider environment is utilized and stream-lined. This is a time of wider knowledge. Wider than would be tenable outside of this energetic roulette – since it is this which conducts how an energy normally too great to process is used.

In the moving roulette wheel, a ricochetting is intuited. It is the speed of the turning that makes credible this ricochetting into a patterned imprint that can be used like a code of conduct even when again we are outside of the special circumstances of the threshold.

Before we enter the threshold, there is a crisis of consciousness. A necessary dispersal as we usurp our boundaries into the flux of this interchange.

At the epicentre we are almost completely taken up with the movement. Unavailable for comment. This is an altered state where we are the music, the colour, the space, the somatic pulsing.

when we leave this parity again there is a crisis. This is a volatile moment when we could bleed or leak out of any contained integrity or else condence into non-entity. Here we need to re- group in the natural significance of an on-going dwelling; the natural basis of the symbolic threshold. Time must be lived out in domestic task. Gradually we will integrate the knowledge of the threshold, and place it in the mundane landscape of our human interchange and day to day contact with the basis of our existence. Here is peace.

Autummn 2006

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