Friday, 28 August 2009


In Scotland growing up as a child, she used to live on top of a lemonade factory. The factory was a building that was also built into the rock of a hill so that part of the wall was natural rock face and part of it was brick. Ivy and other plant life grew up over parts of the sloping surface. Her family’s home was at the very top of this natural-man-made foundation, in some ways another floor of the building but in some ways discreet and separate because it spanned into its own separate foundation at the rear side where the steep slope was built up with earth into a gradual gradient where there were pathways, gardens, allotments and other buildings. The children of that neighbourhood were free to ramble where they liked on the hill and surrounding areas and in the evenings, would go down into the grounds of the lemonade factory and play with the crates, building huge structures out of the pallets to climb in or temporarily to live in. The lemonade bottles caught the sun and there was always a lot of lemonade either given, stolen or bought.

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