Saturday, 15 August 2009

How to follow a preamble? Not the way to think of it. It's still the same preamble. Ever-going. How to stop the chapters from breaking up and short-circuiting into bite-sized nuggets of goodness or not so edible parts?. That discrescionary courser- know I've spelt that one wrong- good, so there is no in-built dict. rule book to the universal blogger outfit that we all of us use these days. And I@m glad the format is identically the same- just us lot from all worlks and surfaces and zones of starting and logging off, all pushing around these little figurines that when read distill momentarily into the feel of words. But they are rhythms - excursions and brief hesitations- journeying preambles through which we net one another, loop the loop, create the basket work but the end threads are never tied- they could unravel at any moment or tie on to some other beginning. This is our preamble. I am a multiple waiting for other players so I can become one thread again. Nudging into place. We don't know that place until the thing fits and again is scuppereed. Between objects and disolvement, creating that scenery because any time of day is the right time for a preamble- comes from the root word, to amble. The garden where we used to walk is gone. So lets amble in this new forestry that we let grow or cut away with as much vigour. It is only the scale that is different. But it's a transferance of that process of shifting bricks and stone, negotiating half full and half empty tea-cups, putting in and taking out more or less advanced plant-life; self-rooting systems that make connections by seperating earth and know what to do. That was no paradise. It was a way of breaking up bricks in slow motion. That's how we all get to know each other, down these circuituous paths that are never really there like some brain labrynth in a sealed bottle. We advance them with our arms flaying over our heads like spinning wheels. Autists make the ground in the same way through spinning practices that create a core. That core has the power of slippage whilst always maintaining the power of attraction because it takes the cart with it.

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