Friday, 28 August 2009


The body slams into the ground; lies inert until the watching audience has nothing particular to focus on and the body simply becomes another mound or undulation in the landscape. That undulation loses all sentient reciprocity as the gaze of the audience has nothing to hinge its attention on. Than there is a wavering of an arm like a branch suddenly moved by an unseen wind. The arm is held up by the elbow and sways inertly back and forth. Eyes deep in the sockets of a powdered face dart to one side and begin mechanically to follow the ebb and flow of the hanging arm just above the level of the ground. There is a line of attraction that attaches the eye ball of the left eye to the elbow of the right arm and they begin to move in tandem faster and faster in contrast to the utter stillness of the rest of the body which has sunk out of view; out of the performance. Suddenly and quite casually, the whole body brings itself up to standing and the swaying, jilting everyday motions of a woman at work, totally absorbed in domestic preparations; enfolded in a personal space; driven to acts performed by rote is underway whilst a single hand seems distracted and sways like a child freely scribbling life-dreams that it only knows as they appear. Yet the body of the slowly moving mature woman with the hand of the child is caught in the flesh of an old man who is not adopting postures to describe these subjects but is taken into their on-going moment by moment responsiveness. Another seizure and the body freezes, draws itself to great height and keels over slamming on to the ground. It becomes a riveting mass of electrified magnetism between horror and enlivenment; between life and death, between abhorrence and desire. These modalities gradually become an internal flicker until the countenance of the face is smooth. There is a plastic gaze of non-descript calmness; a vacancy and absence. Yet something else indescribable is rising through from this absence; A feeling of solitude which just at that moment reads as a relief. The eyes look out directly at the audience.

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