Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Rendering Places

April 2008

Maybe we need to render places in which different kinds of operations occur or can occur. This could involve setting up rather inconspicuous practices in one frame and allowing them to warp and readapt through perhaps unpredictable uses into other kinds of operation. Or in the holding of multiple operations and uses in the same location so that it becomes one thing for one person or group and something entirely different for another. These heterogeneous uses would not rule out one another but would play on the spaces that operate between the seen and the unseen for different workings of the surface by different arrangements and speeds of approach. Therefore the area all around these hubs of operation start to become implicated within networks of movement that are what make a place what it is at any one moment. A place would begin to act rather like an oracle, striking up correspondences according to the very questions asked.

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