Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I am standing on the other side of the road, to the interior room that is hinged on the outside of the building. The room I am facing is pinned out to dry, the landscape picture adjusted with a single nail on the wall. I am too far away to see clearly what that picture is about. Maybe sea. Some trees. There is something of mountains too. Two easy chairs in yellow fading upholstery are situated around a small round high table too high for anyone seated at those chairs to reach. But there's another chair- wooden and straight-backed which slots only just under the rim of that fraying table. The corrugated roof tilting high above the picture and slanting down to create a lid just over the chairs that continues beyond where the floor ends has also an adjunt like a continuing motif down the flight of steps to one side. This would lead anyone down to street level or there again up onto that balcony again. They would not get wet climbing the stairs. Green wood pillars, cut to various sizes, long at the back, short at the front support and angle the roof above this visible room. Two additional pillars angle in towards one another creating a V just in front of the shelving against the whitewashed wall to the left and above the landscaped picture. There are an odd assortment of bottles, jars, plastic white tubs and nick nacks put on to these rungs of shelving. They are all hobbly cobbly hanging there above the plush but faded yellow chairs. The paint is peeling off the green pillars which are painted a lime green of a type not often seen nowadays. Down below on the street moving by degrees closer to the area over which the room hangs- it's contents spilling out- is a large boy walking besides a petite woman. He has fair hair and is wearing a pink T.shirt. He is shaking his head back and forth in a rhythmic way which almost becomes a circular motion. It contrasts to the more measured steps of the woman which however never pre-empt the boy's movements; are actually in perfect alignment with his steps. As the woman and boy reach the area below the out-turned room, she glances over to me. I rub my shoulder which aches whilst looking from both of them to the room and back again. She is reassured. They seem to have fallen out of the room as if bleeding into the atmosphere and graininess of the space in front without using the stairs. The woman and boy progress towards a nearby pub where many people sit out with drinks, crossing a road in the process. As the boy gets further away I realise he has a large head. He is carrying a transparent bag in which objects are vaguely apparent. They jostle and rattle by his side as he moves. The woman and boy walk past the people seated outside the pub in the street very close to the chairs because the street is so narrow. I look back at the room. The green lime pillars. A single piece of paper folded in half over a line running across the room. I am killing time before an interview.

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