Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Point of return

Notes on Shiatsu Treatments

Points as portals do not exist as permanent states but as time-specific avenues where energetic movements are stirred, giving rise to cross-roads the epicentre of which is the point.

These energetic movements are dialogue. Motivational leanings between organisms on many levels. Belief is the aptness of the time of meeting which gives rise to the stirrings of a movement and consequently presence of being.

The relevant portals resonate and strike a correlation which makes what is opaque, transparent. It is a shift in dimension like the wood in a door tilting on a hinge. A mere blink. It is this shift that comes about through contact that gives rise to diagnosis in a treatment. A concentration at areas of the body in polar opposites; Kyo-Jitsu.

There is a story to follow and a drama begins. But it is the contact that creates the story. Portals are only relevant when there is a combined concentration of attention. Yet ultimately this is a passing through because any form is only part of an on-off pump that is lit up and then returned to shadow like cat`s eyes on a high-way.

This is how movement occurs. Through attention and then moving on. The emphasis of relevance shifts and with it a wider whole is recognised. The organism that renews its energy is this moving whole. The points, reactive or needy, are the punctuation; the bi-polar system; the pendulum and catalyst for a deeper and more sustaneable level of unity. In stillness the pendulum is stuck. In movement, the clock ticks.

Ruth Solomoon
Jan 2007

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