Friday, 4 September 2009

On that day

She is worried about litigation. Altough the platform is only two inches off the ground, if anyone should fall, knock into one another, bruise or begin to feel low in themselves, it is the society that will take the blame. They will deal with complaints, use every strategy as a pick-me-up. Soothe and cajole these little known strangers who will suddeny become their charge; their concern. Do they need it? Would you need it? Would you take on that risk? The possibility of a fall. A wrong foot in a moment of absent-mindedness.Who can blame that on this organisation or that. A lack of preparedness. Is it possible to prepare for a fall? Aren't you rather putting it on the agenda in that way? But health and safety is an issue. And as long as they are up on that platform during the demonstration it`s the Society that is liable. So go ahead with the show. Even allow participation. Any kind that is considered necessary. But make sure that people are seen to be going ahead with those moves which are simple for some and difficult for others, in a casual way. A matter of mere coincidence that they should take up with those particular moves all at once. Really a bit of a non-event. Because they are clearly not on the demonstration platform that will remain empty, with a fence all the way around; the keys confiscated from all those present on that day.

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