Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bringing back the receding line

A child in a pram who is being rapidly pushed away in the other direction fixes the top of my mango icecream with his eyes. It is beginning to fall, melting over the cone and over my fingers which are holding the cone. As the child moves further and further away he turns himself around in his pram so as not to break his gaze from the top of the icecream. He uses his forefinger to point exactly where he is looking as well. The road is busy. traffic is zooming around the back-log of buses queuing up behind the bus stop. A plant is being wheeled across this road on a trolly by a man who owns two shops, seperatd by that road. He keeps stopping and starting so as to let this car or that flush past him before he continues again. The cars do not stop. They just move around this obstacle wherever it happens to be at the moment they come across it.

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